Saturday, October 29, 2011

i have died every day waiting for you

happy pre-halloween! well it really is more like happy halloween since all the happenings are really going on today since actual halloween is on a monday this year! what is everyone being? i got super lazy this year and went bought a hello panda onesie. i kinda of love it. i hope it doesn't get destroyed in the city tonight. the best part is that i'll be warrrrrrrrmmmmm. first halloween EVER that i will be warm! haha!

this shirt was the first item (clothing wise) that i've really purchased from ASOS before and at first i was kind of put off by the material (its shiny) but the minute i paired it with my bright blue jeggings? omg IN LOVE! :) so its a keeper! plus i love the exposed shoulders... and then may have placed a few more orders while ASOS was having an additional 10% off on their sale items. SHH. don't tell bf.

p.s. christina perri is some kind of amazing isn't she? <3 <3 <3 i've had this song on repeat for almost 2 weeks straight now.

its a "behind the scenes" shot :P haha

photos take by me & kloo
asos cold shoulder shirt, ny&co necklace, bullhead jeggings, dv by dolce vita pura boots
a thousand years - christina perri

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  1. Pam! I was just going to ask who took your great pictures! YOU! I might have to do that soon to, since my *very* part time photographer always takes blurry ones of me ;)