Friday, October 28, 2011

i have a confession to make...

...i take an ridiculous amount of camera phone pictures. of which.. i think 95% of it ends up in anna's inbox. a RIDICULOUS amount. these are some of my favorites and are all of poor quality of course, given that my phone is almost 2 years old now makes the technology annnnnciiieent. as you can see a lot of it doesn't end up on the blog, which is why i wanted to share what some of my non-planned outfits are like.

in any case.. apologies for the photobomb! but its a friday and i can't focus on the things that matter--like work! (however, i am not bored enough to list where all of these items are from :P please, please don't ask me to.) the last photo is what i think is going to be my halloween costume, because i really don't look cute as a blonde.


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