Saturday, October 22, 2011

every beautiful thought's been already sung

have i mentioned that cotton on is slowly, but surely becoming one of my favorite stores? because if i haven't, shame on me. their pricing is along the line of H&M and F21, actually sometimes its even better than those stores, but so far the quality of everything is a lot better. it gets even cheaper when they have their sales, and for the most part everything seems to fit me so well - and is SO soft!

i'm kind obsessed with the Selena Gomez "Love You Like a Love Song" song right now. its like a guilty pleasure, because i'm definitely past the age where i should love this kind of music, and i've been harassing my poor friends by telling them that i love them like a love song on a daily basis.

photos taken by me
cotton on long cardigan, h&m tank, cotton on skirt, steve by steve madden shoes
love you like a love song - selena gomez


  1. I saw this look on your lookbook! I love it, its so cute!

  2. saw you in chictopia, followed you! :D nice shoes dear! love it! :D

    love, ace

  3. I can´t help myself for falling in love with those shoes!!!! <3