Saturday, October 29, 2011

i have died every day waiting for you

happy pre-halloween! well it really is more like happy halloween since all the happenings are really going on today since actual halloween is on a monday this year! what is everyone being? i got super lazy this year and went bought a hello panda onesie. i kinda of love it. i hope it doesn't get destroyed in the city tonight. the best part is that i'll be warrrrrrrrmmmmm. first halloween EVER that i will be warm! haha!

this shirt was the first item (clothing wise) that i've really purchased from ASOS before and at first i was kind of put off by the material (its shiny) but the minute i paired it with my bright blue jeggings? omg IN LOVE! :) so its a keeper! plus i love the exposed shoulders... and then may have placed a few more orders while ASOS was having an additional 10% off on their sale items. SHH. don't tell bf.

p.s. christina perri is some kind of amazing isn't she? <3 <3 <3 i've had this song on repeat for almost 2 weeks straight now.

its a "behind the scenes" shot :P haha

photos take by me & kloo
asos cold shoulder shirt, ny&co necklace, bullhead jeggings, dv by dolce vita pura boots
a thousand years - christina perri

Friday, October 28, 2011

i have a confession to make...

...i take an ridiculous amount of camera phone pictures. of which.. i think 95% of it ends up in anna's inbox. a RIDICULOUS amount. these are some of my favorites and are all of poor quality of course, given that my phone is almost 2 years old now makes the technology annnnnciiieent. as you can see a lot of it doesn't end up on the blog, which is why i wanted to share what some of my non-planned outfits are like.

in any case.. apologies for the photobomb! but its a friday and i can't focus on the things that matter--like work! (however, i am not bored enough to list where all of these items are from :P please, please don't ask me to.) the last photo is what i think is going to be my halloween costume, because i really don't look cute as a blonde.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

oh dear gawd... i've joined tumblr.

so.. i joined tumblr today.

i really have no idea what tumblr is. or what it's really used for. i kind of think of it as a giant twitter w/ pictures? although you can add pictures to twitter now so.. who knows! honestly, i joined because there was a give away for, and well, i love romwe, so now i have a tumblr. if you have a tumblr, i hope that you'll follow me on there. i think, think, it actually might get updated more than this blog... as to whether or not it actually gets updated with quality items.. no promises! :)

on another note, i totally skipped my run today (which is how the tumblr happened, too). i've been in beast mode for one too many weeks in a row and i think my body is protesting. but i'm also kind of neurotic and sadface that i missed my run! i've been doing so well lately! ugh, set backs. i blame mondays. mondays suck. in addition to 8 hours of work, i normally run 4+ miles, rock climb for 2 hours, and then take a 45 minute cardio kickboxing class.. which normally goes about 5-10 minutes over with a round of ab work outs. its kind of exhausting just typing that! the good thing about skipping my run is that i have time to post tonight! my gbff gave me a pair of hello kitty vans for my birthday--they're pretty damn cool huh?

h&m bowler hat, american eagle cropped vest, express jeggings, hot topic hello kitty bow necklace, vans hello kitty sneakers

Saturday, October 22, 2011

every beautiful thought's been already sung

have i mentioned that cotton on is slowly, but surely becoming one of my favorite stores? because if i haven't, shame on me. their pricing is along the line of H&M and F21, actually sometimes its even better than those stores, but so far the quality of everything is a lot better. it gets even cheaper when they have their sales, and for the most part everything seems to fit me so well - and is SO soft!

i'm kind obsessed with the Selena Gomez "Love You Like a Love Song" song right now. its like a guilty pleasure, because i'm definitely past the age where i should love this kind of music, and i've been harassing my poor friends by telling them that i love them like a love song on a daily basis.

photos taken by me
cotton on long cardigan, h&m tank, cotton on skirt, steve by steve madden shoes
love you like a love song - selena gomez

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

if you listen, you can hear me thru the radio.. in that bright white noise


the dramatic cat eye.

my normal daily make up routine involves a slight wing tip on top of a simple smokey eye, but i wanted to try and exaggerate the look and i absolutely love how it turned out. i also can't believe how much i lucked out in how well these turned out. this was my first attempt at taking a headshot, and i initially didn't think they turned out that well when i saw the camera preview. :) sometimes it just best to hold off the delete button and wait until the computer can show you.

psst. did you notice? i started adding in the songs that my post titles are from below. gotta give where credit is due, and it also lets you know my current song obsessions. ALSO. most importantly, over to the left, that little button that says "Google Friend Connect"? I would oh, so appreciate it if you would join. i'll love you forever if you do! <3

photos taken by me
make up: bobbi brown gel liner, tarte femme fatale palette
you make me feel - cobra starship

Monday, October 17, 2011

i hope that you'll catch me, cause i've already fallen

<3 this post is for my amazing bf. <3 u.

who, out of sheer frustration at the number of loud prints and florals that i have (admittedly it is quite a lot), generously offered to add some solid colored items to my wardrobe. the catch, however, was that he had to approve of every item purchased. it led to some colorful arguments. haha, but in the end i got quite a few really good items. i put this one together for him, using nothing but solids! i can't guarantee that the rest of the items will be used so purely, but its a start right?

on another note, after several (and i mean several) attempts to get a proper make up headshot done, i've finally succeeded! unfortunately, the success came because it was super sunny outside. i still don't know how i'm going to accomplish this inside the house without doing some sort of crazy set up, but i do hope to do a lot more of these, and maybe eventually some youtube how-to videos. until then, i think i'm going to be restricted to weekend looks. poor bf. i hope he won't mind going out with me with extreme make up on. heehee.

(p.s. did you notice the huge amount of photos in this post? yes yes? great photo session day! again.. sheer luck. no talent actually building :P)

photos taken by me
outfit: h&m dress, sweater and knee highs, ?? combat boots
makeup: stila in the light palette bare, kitten, and bliss, bobbi brown gel liner black ink, urban decay ammo palette polyester bride and shattered, make up forever aqua eyes white, laura mercier lip base?, korres mango butter lipstick coral, mac fif lipglass pink venus
arms - christina perri

Thursday, October 13, 2011

what do you mean i have to wake up?

what do you mean i have to wake up?
puppy paws
zonked out
watching tv w/ daddy

meet the world's most adorable shoe destroyer. yes, kaylee, i'm talking about you. i think we've lost in total about 20 pairs of shoes/flip flops to this little monster. but she is quite adorable don't you think?

photos by me

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i heard that your dreams came true, guess she gave you things i didn't give to you

seychelles: ampersand in burgandy

steve madden: haiiku in blue suede

dolce & gabbana: suede platform ankle wedge in black

SIGH. that is all.

someone like you - adele

Saturday, October 8, 2011

a penny for my thoughts? oh no, i'll sell them for a dollar

here is another instance of i took a million pictures, but this is the only one that came out good >.< oops. this one has actually be done for a while now, but i kept trying to fiddle with the other shots until i eventually just gave up. i do. however. really really like this shot. i'm chalking it up to i got lucky instead of any actual real skills developing :p

ae shirt, hollister crochet vest, ?? crochet shorts, black poppy oxford shoes
if i die young - the band perry

Thursday, October 6, 2011

i'm the baddest baby in the atmosphere

so, yes. this blog is slowly starting to crawl again. i'm sorry. it seems to happen every time i get involved with another art project (which i currently am at the moment). it just sucks up all my time and i put everything else on hold. the unfortunate art in all of this, is that i won't be to share what it is i'm currently working on - at least not for a while. so you'll have to settle for this sketch i did while waiting for REI's used gear sale to open up (which was taken with my crappy camera phone >.< sorry i fail so bad).

i have tons of things lined up in terms of outfit posts and what not, i just haven't had a chance to go through and edit the pictures yet. i can barely find enough time for this current project and i'm so out of practice, i'm just incredibly s l o w. its frustrating. actually, i'm not sure if any one else is like this, but i've hit the "frustrating" part of my project where i think its absolute crap and i want to abandon it. i seem to hit this point with any of my big art projects, and a lot of times i really do end up leaving it off somewhere. there's a 18x20 charcoal i started last year, and is currently sitting in the corner of the office because i'm convinced i've turned ryan gosling into an ugly big headed freak (how that is ever possible with him, i don't know). i do want to pick it back up again, and i think after this is done, and get a few outfit posts put up i'll drag out the ol' canvas and start cracking at it again.

just waiting - graphite & pen
you make me feel - cobra starship ft. sabi