Tuesday, September 6, 2011


i found this amazing dress a while back, that really could have no other purpose than to look pretty and take pictures in. oh i'm sure that it'll be good for some wedding i go to one day, but those aren't very frequent in my life, so the most sensible thing was to buy it anyways, and then bug my friend for a photo shoot.

we went trolling around downtown san jose at night, and some totally safe areas with bums and cockroaches, before we found the right kind of backgrounds he was looking for. apparently downtown san jose isn't full of little alleyways like we thought, although maybe that was for the best, haha. the wooden door of the church was absolute amazing, and so not splinter safe. and it was completely not sketch climbing on top of his shoulders so i can sit on a slanted window sill and cling on for dear life while he took this amazing shot.

this one, however, is my absolute favorite. and probably the only direct shot where i'm not making a weird face. i'm seriously convinced i'm camera-challenged sometimes.

you can see more pictures, and more of his amazing work here: urbaners.com the man is a genius with lighting.

photos taken by btruong
windsor dress, ny&co necklace & rings, candies suede pumps

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  1. Wow, this is an amazing shoot! Love the lighting!

    Chloe @ Cinnamon Tan