Friday, August 19, 2011

sometimes i wish i could go back to college (part 1)

this past weekend my friends and i packed up our bags (and puppies) and headed down to santa cruz for the weekend. we rented this awesome lil beach house within walking distance pleasure point, which is the best place to go if you're just learning how to surf. the waves are pretty mellow, easy breaks to get through, and a lot of white water to practice on. there's also tons and tons of kelp that you constantly get stuck in while trying to paddle. this was my second time out, and even though i didn't stand up this time, i caught a few waves body surfing and riding them all the way to the end!

i highly recommend this place if you're ever looking to do something down there. the house had everything we could need or think of. the owners were super nice and let us check in early and check out late. location is just amazing. <3 i really can't wait to do it again! on another note, i'm finding with my pictures that for the most part, i'm very happy with my composures. i haven't had to crop a single one (minus the self portraits), but oh boy is the exposure horrible in like 90% of them. but that is where practice makes perfect right? i'll be in LA this weekend, visiting the parents and going to a baby shower. plenty of photo opportunities! (and to be mocked by my family i'm sure).


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