Monday, August 29, 2011

she's just a girl who thinks that i am the one

we went to a giants game on saturday, and i didn't have time to set up the tripod before we had to go, so i took some quick "self portraits" instead. mainly because i thought my outfit looked pretty bad ass and i wanted to share. it, however, was really not good for the SF weather. i was freezing. thankgawd for panda hats! :) and that we actually won a game? :X

i recently started shooting in raw, which means... its taking me a bit longer to sort through pics. this is probably the last batch of outfit pics that will be in jpeg. just bare with me >.< i do like all the different elements i can bring out now though. i spent an hour on thursday just trying to figure out how the hell do i even open the files on my computer, let alone edit them. and then an hour ooo-ing and ahh-ing at all the different functions available to me, before i even sat down to adjust one picture. i think i've done a total of two since, and i have like 3 outfits backed up? oops. a new store opened up at oakridge mall a few months back called cotton on. its originally an AU company from what i gather, and i'm totally in <3 with it. its got the cutest items, all reasonably priced, and so far, very comfortable! the great mall opened up an outlet store there already too! right across from the huge forever 21 and AE /faints. i've seen several, several items that i want to buy already. i just need a bigger wallet! oh! also, if you notice in the last photo, my hand looks a bit.. well.. grimy. and that is because i tried water marble for my nails for the first time, and its messy! and i took these photos before remembering to clean up my hands. priorities? i know. they turned out OK, but the black turned to a chocolate brown, probably due to the nude colored base i used. many toothpicks died in my attempt to figure out how to do this properly. i wanted to do it in honor of the giants, using orange, black and white.. >.< but it just didn't come out that way.

oh wells. trial number two will be on wednesday or thursday!

p.s. today's title is in honor of michael jackson, who would've turned 53 today, if you didn't know ;)

taken by me
cotton on t-shirt, american eagle skinny jeans, H&M belt, Tilly's necklace, Charlotte Russe ring

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