Wednesday, August 10, 2011

naps are evil

phone = the lazy panda's scanner. well actually in my case, its the sleepy panda's scanner. i accidently took a nap, and so of course i couldn't sleep, and didn't feel sleepy up until it was time to write this post.

le sigh.

oh well at least that means i can get 5 hrs in some how. raw sketch of an outfit i have in mind and will hopefully have pictures up soon as i 1) convince bf to take pictures or 2) bf teaches me how to set up the tripod and remote without breaking the D60.

several people have mocked me now for buying a pair of overalls from target but g'dammit they're kute! and i think i can totally pull them off without looking like a 12 year old. i hope.

(yes i realize the legs are severely disportionate, but a girl can dream can't she?)

overall, i hope this looks good - pen&pencil


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