Monday, August 8, 2011


ugh. i'm horrible i know. but at least it hasn't been like 6 months this time? just four... /smiles sheepishly

i will admit, i've been bit by the photography bug. i've always found photography interesting, but well 1) it can be a really expensive hobby and 2) everyone and their mom does it right now. and i don't like doing things that everyone is doing. however, the mechanics and all the different attributes that GO into photography is fascinating. so many little dials and changes can make a huge difference. and then of course there is the photoshop side of things that i've always loved.

so yes, yes. i finally (with some of bf's pushing) picked up a nikon d60 and started snapping away. my first place of learning - california academy of science! there is currently an amazing exhibit going on - snakes and lizards! i love snakes (as long as they're tame and caged >.<) and been wanting to go to exhibit since it opened. originally we wanted to go to the SF zoo, but of course it was too cloudy and cold, so we treked over the academy of science instead! i'm in the beginner stages and love everything being super up close and completely abusing the bouquet effect, but hey! whatever floats your boat. we'll see if i ever get out of this stage since i've always been a nut for little details. bf has been teaching/helping me ton and being very patient my million of questions. most of the time i know exactly what it is i want to shoot and how it the frame to come out.. i just have no bloody clue how to do it. next steps? learning how to use a remote and the tripod so i can start up the fashion/makeup shots again :)

photos taken by me
location: academy of science - snakes & lizard exhibit


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