Thursday, August 25, 2011

cover your eyes.. this may get inappropriate

to tell you the truth, these didn't really turn out as well as i wanted them to. i was a bit out of my comfort zone (which is funny since i was with my family), and with people who aren't use to my photo obsession. i didn't really have the patience or time to mess with the settings as much as i'd like, and unfortunately my computer is really starting to just lose it, so correcting some of the exposures in photoshop has become very frustrating and time consuming.

sigh. but its okay! the food still looks pretty damn amazing i think. my photography sucks, and i'm sorry you have to endure it right now. but i'll get better. i promise.

the above photos were taken at my parents house. my mom made pad kee mao, which is one of my favorite dishes. i blame my noodle obsession on my mom. but its a delicious obsession to have. the photos below are taken at a resturant in Los Angeles called Prael. they make amazing "salad" kind of thai dishes. we ate everything family style, which means we ordered TONS. TONS. i got yelled at at one point to put the camera down and eat. so there aren't as many pictures, minus the breaks i took because my mouth was on firreeeee.

som tum (papaya salad)

om nom nom thai tea

fried nam (which is some sort of thai sausage :P)

condiments - thai standard!! a thai restaurant without this isn't a real thai restaurant!

um. crispy rice salad? i don't know the thai name >.<

taken by me

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  1. my god. I LOVE THAI FOOD!! haha you have no idea how hungry this post just made me!