Thursday, August 18, 2011

adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them

while i was on vacation, i saw a girl from germany wearing a pair of overalls. and i'm not the biggest fan of overalls for adults, but this one she had on was particularly very kute, and i knew i had to own it. unfortunately, since she was from germany, the chances of that were probably more on the slim side.

flash forward a couple of months, and i'm doing my weekly browse around target, and what do i see? but a pair of overalls in front of me! okay, thanks dr. seuss, thats enough outta you. i'm not entirely sure if this is the exact same pair i saw, but if they're not, they're pretty damn close. and i'm totally in love with them.

in other news, i'm attempting to full embrace this blogger thing, and i just joined and i hope i don't end up embarrassing myself. or realizing that my fashion sense is complete sh*t and no one actually likes it but me. then again, i think thats how it already is anyways!

photos taken by me
xhilaration overalls, marc by marc jacobs sunglasses, express lacy bandeau, poof! tank, steve madden oxford wedge boots

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