Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i'm just trying to find my place, but it might not be here where i feel safe

We went to the California Acadmey of Sciences last week. Super fun place! We did the day time passes and Night Life and I ended up getting a membership since I plan on bringing my family back when the come up and visit on January. Admittedly the penguin exhibit was my favorite, and no, I have no pictures of them. Those little critters are quick! especially when there are five year old and glass between you and them.

Can't wait to go back! We missed the Planetarium exhibit, twice. Not sure how we managed to do that, but oOps. Good thing I have unlimited visits for a year now!

photos taken by kloo
abercrombie cropped shirt, express tank, express military shorts, pink by victoria's secret knee highs, sketchers boots, forever21 necklace

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

if only the world revolved around cupcakes and cookies

Well here it is! :) Took me a couple of weeks but I finished the logo for my friend Anna's blog. My brain is a little muddled today, so I don't have much to say. Sleep deprivation doesn't suit well with me.

But I do love the logo. It's very Anna, and oh--go check out her blog cos her cupcakes are delicious. As in I normally eat 3-4 in one sitting delicious.

my feelings taste like cupcakes - illustrator/photoshop/intuos3