Friday, August 20, 2010

coffee break

Or in my case.. tea break! But some how that just doesn't roll of the tongue quite right. Mmm. Give me a good ol' chai tea latte any day - iced, hot. Yum, yum. Though given the weirdness of Bay Area weather lately, I've been having to ask for it hot more often than iced. Where did my summer go?

These were taken in front of a darling little bakery across the street from my work. Cocola, I would marry you if it were legal.. and not weird. They seriously make the best desserts. Sadly, I was just on a quick break and no time indulge or take pictures of the deliciousness. Just a side tip: Most of you in the Bay are probably familiar with Cocola in Santana Row. Same company, but the one in Redwood City is their actual baking facilities and the prices are 10x cheaper. ;) Worth the stop by if you're in the area.

photos taken by kloo & me
aerie shirt, express sleeveless cardigan, pink by victoria's secret bandage skirt, forever 21 flats

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